106, 2018


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This made my day seeing this skin journey photo, you forget just how far they have come. Check out this clients amazing Skin transformation in just under 6 months ✨No harsh peels or treatments used 🌟Real [...]

409, 2017

Shelly Our Qualified Nutritionist & Wellness Coach!

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We believe that Beauty and Wellness go hand in hand which is why we have introduced a brand new Wellness service to our Beauty and Wellness Hub. You would be surprised at the amount of [...]

411, 2015

Is there a woman in your life you love, then you need to read this!

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I had one of my wonderful clients come in this week to tell me she won't be in for a while, of course I asked why? She then proceeded to tell me that she has [...]

2710, 2015

Benefits of using a face serum….

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I bet you're all asking what's a serum and why should I use one, well that's a great question, hopefully I can answer both of these for you. Why use a Serum? To get the [...]

1308, 2015

To Tone or not to Tone…the great debate!

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Mmmm the great debate, to tone or not to tone.....I personally love my toner, I find it keeps my skin moist while I apply my serum or moisturiser and besides loving the feel of it, [...]

908, 2015

What does SPF mean…and more importantly how is it calculated?

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We had our first ever "Back to Basics Skincare Workshop" on Friday night, big topic of the night was Sunscreen, made me realise that the SPF in sunscreens is a bit of a mystery to [...]